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The Opportunity: This client needed to surge capacity of a newly conglomerated business to meet rapid growth in market demand from severe drought and government subsidies.

Client Success: A 40% step-change in factory productivity and 10% reduction in distribution costs set the foundations for revenue to grow by 300% over a six-month period and endured well beyond the Denken engagement.

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Implementing Change: In an industry that is transitioning from owner-operated small business to corporate conglomerated business units, there is significant opportunity for people with the right mindset and determination.

The newly formed business unit was formed through a series of acquisitions, each with their own systems and practices. The Denken consulting team facilitated a comprehensive initiative to dramatically improve production and logistics performance.

The initiative focused on helping the client team in the development of a new scheduling system and align distribution, customer service and production priorities. Providing direction to management was crucial to ensure the rapid changes took hold.

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