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“There is a new sound
in the shop,
the quiet hum of
work getting done.”
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The Opportunity: A critical war-fighting asset was experiencing major maintenance delays. The availability of this asset is critical to the safe completion of missions in a major ongoing operation.

Client Success: In less than 90 days, the performance of the maintenance facility had improved by 25%. The delivery of the asset was back on track and the defence planners were better able to secure the safety of forward-operating troops.

Defence Graph

Implementing Change: When maintenance schedules are behind plan, all the resource has already been allocated and the asset is needed urgently, there is significant opportunity for people with the right mindset and determination.

The Denken consulting team delivered a rapid results initiative to challenge the constraints limiting maintenance performance. Resource was being wasted due to access clashes, inadequate tasking, poor purchasing and logistics, and no accountability.

The consulting team quickly built the client's understanding of best-practice improvement tools and helped them to address serious leadership issues.

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