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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

"I learned more about improvement with Denken than in the last 20 years working here." Operations Manager

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Operational Improvement Due Diligence

In this era of widely accessible business improvement models, every business has some form of structured improvement programme in place. Under the banner of Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Total Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma or any other name, they all strive to make businesses perform better. We understand the unique individual elements and the overall objectives of these widely used improvement philosophies and have seen them all in practice across client organisations.

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However, the questions business leaders keep coming back to, regardless of what philosophy their organisation has adopted, are:

Are we improving by enough, and fast enough, to stay competitive?
What can we do to make our improvement better?

Denken Partners provide leading businesses and government with advice and assessment of their Operational Improvement Programmes. Through our deep understanding of the range of skills required to drive business-wide operational results, we know what a real Improvement Programme looks like and can identify critical gaps that put huge investments in time and training at risk.

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