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The Opportunity: A step change in the Turn-Around Time of aircraft in the maintenance facility would provide the opportunity to revolutionise the way the aircraft were utilised, with no additional cost or resource. At the same time, airworthiness could not be compromised.

Client Success: The improvement in maintenance productivity reduced the Turn-Around Time from 104 days to 70 days. This has the same capability benefit as buying an additional aircraft with no increase in resource or cost!

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Implementing Change: In aerospace environments, where airworthiness is of critical importance, there is significant opportunity for people with the right mindset and determination.

The Denken consulting team facilitated a 100 day rapid results team engaging the aircraft owners and maintenance contractors. They helped the organisation to identify and agree on the opportunity by building a view of the potential from the 'ground up.' Lean tools were used to eliminate, reprioritise and reallocate tasks that were impacting technicians' ability to effectively manage their work.

Leaders were empowered to rewire the Operations Management processes and to lock in enduring results. By removing roadblocks and rewiring the organisation for improvement, the technicians no longer took short cuts to complete work packages and actually improved the quality of airworthiness.

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