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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

"I learned more about improvement with Denken than in the last 20 years working here." Operations Manager

“If, in the client's view,
the outcome does not justify our fees, then our fees will be waived”
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Our Expertise

Improving Operational Performance

Improving Operational Performance is our passion. We take great pride in providing our clients with an unyielding commitment to help their operations deliver more. We know that this passion is critical to our clients', and ultimately our own, business success.

Our approach starts with:

  • A belief that every industry sector and type of organisation is full of opportunity for people with the right mindset and determination.

And then, we work with our clients to:

  1. Establish the size of the opportunity ↓

    Denken consulting teams start by determining the size of the opportunity through a 'zero base' approach. This 'ground up' method puts value to the opportunities everyone knows about and also the ones that have been put aside, tried before and written off, or never even seen.

    We combine the zero base approach with simple and logical prioritisation tools based on the degree and style of constraint that holds back individual opportunities. We help our clients build a realistic and prioritised view of the total opportunity in their operations.

  2. Establish what has to change to deliver the opportunity ↓

    In many cases, the physical solutions to unlock opportunity appear so simple that anyone 'should' be able to find them. The more valuable question is: 'Why do such simple solutions exist?'

    The answer is often that personal and organisational constraints have stopped thorough investigation of the issues. This means that to effect rapid and enduring improvement, the complete solution needs to enact the physical solution effectively and also rewire the organisation to be able to find new solutions themselves.

  3. Agree the best way to implement the change ↓

    To find the best solution for a client, we listen and build a plan with them that best represents out commitment to these core values.

    • Hands-on - Our focus is helping to make Rapid and Enduring Results happen.
    • Forward Looking - When the path ahead is clear, there is no need for further discussion. We don't waste our clients' time or our own.
    • Pragmatic - We develop the right solution with our clients utilising the best approach for them.
    • Passionate - We believe that every industry sector and type of organisation is full of opportunity for people with the right mindset and determination.
    • Resolute - Anything is possible and all problems are solvable. The solution and the necessary actions might not be easy but there is always a solution.
    • Partners - We see our clients as partners and invest in those relationships by using the very best people for every client situation.
  4. Help our clients succeed ↓

    Our approach has delivered 20-50% improvement in operational performance without capital expense in as little as 90 days. These rapid results engage an entire organisation from the boardroom to the shop floor, creating enduring business processes, and building an improvement-oriented culture that gives real, long-lasting benefit and a foundation for outstanding business success.

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